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How to Add Team Members
  Team Members can be registered in three ways: 1. The Team Captain can register each of the team members as shown in the following video:     2. The Team Member can ...
How to create a Team Captain Account
This video demonstrates how to create a Team Captain account on the Walk Across Texas website.    
How to Add Miles Walked and Pounds Lost
This video demonstrates how to add Miles Walked and Pounds lost to your team's account. Each Team Member should download the Individual Mileage Log. Every week Team Members will send their total Mil...
Mileage Equivalents Calculator
Convert just about any activity into Miles Walked using the Mileage Equivalents Calculator.   Please, only use this calculator if your exact mileage is unknown.   Participants ...
How to Continue Walking after 8 Week Competition
To continue walking, all team members must complete the Individual Wrap-Up Form.   After completing the form, team members will give it to the Team Captain.   Then the Team Cap...
Can I register a team member who is already registered?
If you receive an error message indicating a team member is already registered, it is likely they registered as a Solo Walker or were a member of team from last year that was renewed. You can regis...



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