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Is Walk Across Texas! really free?
Yes, Walk Across Texas! is 100% FREE! Get started by registering today!
Who is this program for?
The Walk Across Texas! program is for anyone who wants to use a fun and motivating team approach to being more active. There is an adult and youth version of the program, each designed for teams to...
How many miles does each team member need to walk every week for the team to reach the 832-mile team goal?
For adult teams of 8, each team member needs to average 13 miles per week during the eight-week program. For youth teams, the number of youth team members will determine how many miles the team wi...
Do I have to walk or can I do other types of physical activity?
You can do just about any type of physical activity to record a mileage for Walk Across Texas! We recommend the following options to record your miles: 1. 20 minutes of a moderate activity (ge...
Can you tell me how Walk Across Texas! works for a company or work site?
Thanks for taking the first step to encourage more activity with your company or work site! Walk Across Texas! can help your employees by providing the motivation through friendly competition and ...
Do I have to be located in Texas to use Walk Across Texas?
No, you do not have to be located in Texas to use the Walk Across Texas! website. During the account creation, select "Out of State" County in the drop down menu. The rest of the acc...
How to input mileage via WAT! mobile app
Registration in Howdy Health and participation in Walk Across Texas! is now all mobile responsive! Below is the process for how to add the icon to your home screen: For iPhones, iPads (or any...

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