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How to input mileage via WAT! mobile app

Registration in Howdy Health and participation in Walk Across Texas! is now all mobile responsive!

Below is the process for how to add the icon to your home screen:

For iPhones, iPads (or any iOS device)
- On the device, launch the Safari browser and go to
- Click share icon at the bottom (The square with an arrow pointing upward)
- Scroll through the icons and select 'Add to Home Screen'
- The WAT!/Howdy Health app will appear on your iOS device's home screen

For Android devices like a Samsung Galaxy:
- On the device, launch Chrome and go to
- Tap the menu button and tap 'Add to Homescreen'
- The WAT!/Howdy Health app will appear on your Android device's home screen

As the user, you will be required to enter your username / password initially to access the dashboard, but as long as you don't closeout the app, you will be able to quickly access your WAT! dashboard, click the 'Enter Mileage' button, input miles, and then save.

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