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Email Confirmation Not Received

After completing the initial registration form, our system will send you an automated email message that contains a confirmation link.


This is protect against misuse of Walk Across Texas accounts and to verify that your email address is real and actually exists.


The subject of the email message will say, "Walk Across Texas Account Activation."


This e-mail might take up 30 minutes to arrive depending on network traffic, your Internet service provider and email host.


Please also check your spam or junk mail folders for the confirmation email.


If you are unable to access these folders, or if your organization or company will not allow emails from Walk Across Texas, do one of the following:

1. Submit a Support Ticket with the subject "No Confirmation Received" and indicate your complete email address.


2. Use the link or paste that address into your browser. Complete the requested information and use the link provided.


3. Re-register using a free, online web mail account such as:


Thank you for using Walk Across Texas!



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