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Forgot Password & Password Reset Problems




Your entire email address and case-sensitive password are required for sign in to your account.


Your password is the one that you set up during registration on the Walk Across Texas website.


For example...


Email Address:

Password:  TxAggie05


Another example would be...


Email Address:

Password:  happyFlower9


Please Note: the password is case-sensitive.  This means that the letters T and A in the password TxAggie05 shown above must be capitalized for the system to allow you to sign into your account.


Please try to sign in again using your complete email address and case-sensitive password:


2.  Team Captains


If a Team Captain is still unable to access their account, please use our password recovery tool.


Enter the email address and the 5 digit zip code you used during registration.


Password reset instructions will be emailed to you.


Please read the password reset instructions carefully and make sure you click the link found within the email to start the password change process.


Please note:  the Security Code is not your password.  It is only used to authorize a change to your password.


Please watch the video below for a demonstration on how to change your password using the password recovery tool.


3.  Team Members


If a Team Member is unable to access their account, a Support Ticket should be submitted. Submit a Support Ticket


Be sure to include the word or phrase you would like to use as the password.




If you are still unable to sign in to your account, please submit a support ticket.


Thank you for using Walk Across Texas!


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