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Can you tell me how Walk Across Texas! works for a company or work site?

Someone in your organization will be appointed as the Site Manager for Walk Across Texas. The Site Manager will find Team Captains. The Team Captains then recruit seven people for their team.


Once teams of eight are formed, a "Kick-Off" event marks the beginning of the program. People walk together or individually, outside or at a mall or gym, on a treadmill - any way that fits their lifestyle. Teams compete for eight weeks to see which one walks the 830 miles across the state first and/or which one walks the greatest amount of miles.


Team Captains report their team members' mileage each week, and it is posted on an on-line map or on a Texas road map somewhere in your organization. Some groups sponsor an activity after four weeks to keep everyone motivated. Everyone is recognized for their accomplishments at the "Recognition" activity at the end of the eight weeks.


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