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General Questions (show all)
How far does each person need to walk every week if a team is to make it the 830 miles across Texas?
Do I have to walk or can I do other types of physical activity?
I want to walk by myself. Is that OK?
Can you tell me how Walk Across Texas! works for a company or work site?
How can we see our team's progress?
Who is this program for?
Team Member Certificate
Is Walk Across Texas! really free?
What if we want to change a few of the rules?
Do we all have to walk at the same time?
Who's in charge around here? Who runs this program?
Do I have to be located in Texas to use Walk Across Texas?
Can I have an individual walker account and be a team captain or team member?
I registered as a Solo Walker but have decided to join a team. What should I do?
Why have competition?
I am a teacher, can you tell me how your program will work for schools?
How do I renew my registration?
Technical Questions (show all)
Forgot Password & Password Reset Problems
Mileage Equivalents Calculator
How do I change my start date?
How do I delete my account and start over?
Email Confirmation Not Received
Mobile Devices - iPhone, Android, Windows Phone
Site Manager Questions (show all)
How to create a Site Manager account
Adding Team Members to a Site Manager Account
Team Captain Questions (show all)
How to Add Team Members
How to Add Miles Walked and Pounds Lost
How to Continue Walking after 8 Week Competition
Mileage Equivalents Calculator
How to create a Team Captain Account
Can I register a team member who is already registered?
Teacher / School Questions (show all)
How do I register as a Team Captain -AND- as a Teacher with a Student Class Team(s)?
Mobile (show all)
How to Use Walk Across Texas for Mobile Devices
About Walk Across Texas! for Mobile Devices


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How to use this Help Desk
Welcome to the Help Desk for Walk Across Texas!   First, search the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the answer to your question or technical difficulty.   Then, if you can't find a...
How do I renew my registration?
Solo Walkers can Renew their registrations using the link on the HOME tab of their previous account. If a wrap-up form was not completed, the link will be "Complete Wrap-Up". If a wrap-up ha...



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