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How many miles does each team member need to walk every week for the team to reach the 832-mile team goal?
Do I have to walk or can I do other types of physical activity?
Who is this program for?
Can you tell me how Walk Across Texas! works for a company or work site?
Is Walk Across Texas! really free?
Do I have to be located in Texas to use Walk Across Texas?
How to input mileage via WAT! mobile app


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Welcome to the Help Desk for Walk Across Texas!   First, search the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the answer to your question or technical difficulty.   Then, if you can't find a...
How do I renew my registration?
Solo Walkers can Renew their registrations using the link on the HOME tab of their previous account. If a wrap-up form was not completed, the link will be "Complete Wrap-Up". If a wrap-up ha...



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