Getting Started for Teams of 8

Start a walking program for your group, county, organization or company.


Walk Across Texas is a free program to help people start moving more and establish physical activity as a lifetime habit. Doing Walk Across Texas with people you know is a great way to help you keep going when you feel like quitting. To walk across the state in eight weeks, everyone on a team must walk almost 13 miles each week.


Walk Across Texas is not a walk-a-thon or an event to raise money. While teams do compete to walk across the state first and/or to accumulate the most miles during the eight weeks, the main point is to get moving and keep moving after Walk Across Texas ends.


After Walk Across Texas ends, you can continue walking by yourself to see how long it takes you to walk across the entire state of Texas.


Here is a quick overview of how Walk Across Texas works for groups that will have teams of 8:


  • Site managers at larger organizations or companies manage implementation by working with an Extension agent and captains.
  • Set dates for start and finish including: Kick-Off, Mid-Way, and Recognition Events.
  • Captain selected/volunteer.
  • Captains find 7 others for team.
  • Teams of eight people walk for 8 weeks.
  • Starts with a Kick-Off Event.
  • Captain registers team on-line.
  • Captains and their team members walk for 8 weeks.
  • Team members can e-mail, phone, or fax their mileage to team captain or designated person to enter the mileage on the Walk Across Texas user account website.
  • Captains or their designate enter their team’s weekly mileage and/or pounds lost.
  • Around the 4th week, may have a Don’t Give Up Now / Mid-Way Event.
  • Captain enters Wrap-Up information.
  • Concludes with a Recognition Event.
  • Certificates of Recognition are given to participants.

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