Team Captains

Find out what a team captain does and how to get started.


What a Team Captain Does:

  • Organize a team.
  • Give a member packet to each team member.
  • Select a name for team.
  • Collect information from team members.
  • Enter information for team in account on WAT! Sign In website.
  • Contact site manager with questions and issues.
  • Inform team members of important dates and activities.

*Note: All forms and materials listed below can also be downloaded here


Steps for Team Captains:

Step 1


Attend captain training given by site manager and/or county Extension agent.


  • Pick up team packets (see below)
  • Learn process steps


Step 2


Recruit up to 7 people to be on your team with you and distribute the team packets.


Step 3


Complete Team Registration Form

(English: PDF | MS Word)
(Spanish: PDF | MS Word)


  • Select team name
  • Send completed form to Site Manager


Step 4


Entering Data Online


  • Complete the PDF Team Captain Registration Form
  • Get your team members to complete the PDF Team Member Registration Form

    (Note: These forms must be completed and given to the Team Captain before registration can take place online.)

  • Choose a Team Name
  • Review the Walk Across Texas Registration Guide: PDF
  • Register online by going to the WAT! Sign In website
  • Choose to walk as the Team Captain of an 8 person Team
  • Register your team members
  • Enter your team's miles walked and pounds lost in the Team Captain's account on the WAT! Sign In website
  • Enter the wrap-up information on the WAT! Sign In website when your 8 week program is complete


Step 5


Attend Kick-Off Event.

Step 6


Enter miles walked/pounds lost each week in the Team Captain's account on the WAT! Sign In website.

Step 7


Attend Mid-Way Event.

Step 8


Obtain Recognition Certificates (PDF) from Site Manager.

Step 9


Attend Recognition Event and distribute Recognition Certificates to your team members.


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