By Yourself Walkers

Walking Across Texas by yourself is a great way to challenge yourself to maintain or increase your physical activity level.


See how long it takes you to walk the 830 miles across our state! You may track your pounds lost too, if you wish. If you want to log miles by riding a bicycle or another way such as dancing, check our mileage equivalents and see how to convert these to miles.


Many choose this option after walking across Texas in the 8 week team/group option. If you did this, you may start walking across the state now, using those miles. You may also start walking across Texas with the By Yourself option. It is your choice.



Steps for By Yourself Walkers:

Step 1


Review the Walk Across Texas Registration Guide: PDF


Register online by going to the WAT! Sign In website.


Choose to walk as a new By Yourself Walker or a By Yourself Walker (previously a team captain).


Step 2


Track your daily mileage—you may use our Individual Mileage Log (English: PDF | MS Word | WordPerfect / Spanish: PDF | MS Word | WordPerfect).


Step 3


Total your mileage every week.


Step 4


Enter your weekly total mileage and/or pounds lost in your account on the WAT! Sign In website.


Step 5


Enter Wrap-Up information in your account on the WAT! Sign In website. Please fill this out after you have walked By Yourself across Texas.

Step 6


Tell us about your success story in your account on the WAT! Sign In website.

Step 7


Tell friends or start a team.


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