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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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General Questions
about the Walk Across Texas ! program, forms, materials, etc.


1. Is this program really free?

Yes, Walk Across Texas! is 100% FREE.


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2. Who is this program for?

Anyone can use this program. We have tailored our materials and information for schools and work sites such as companies, government offices, colleges, hospitals, etc ...located in Texas. We are always interested in working with other states and organizations too.


If you need a successful, physical activity program, please feel free to contact us.


3. Why have competition?

Teams from your organization compete to determine which team walks (1) the approximate 830 miles from the East to the West Texas borders, or (2) the greatest number of miles.


Competition between teams helps members keep going when they feel like quitting. "Winning" is certainly a goal, but establishing the habit of regular daily walking is the real objective. To minimize the focus on "winning," some groups recommend putting the name of every team that finishes the 830 miles into a "hat" and then drawing one to three winning teams for special recognition.


4. How far does each person need to walk every week if a team is to make it the 830 miles across Texas?

For teams of 8, each person needs to average about 13 miles per week. Some people walk more and others less. Gradually work to increase your mileage to avoid injury.


5. Do I have to walk or can I do other types of physical activity?

You can do just about any type of physical activity or exercise and compete in Walk Across Texas!


Click here to use our convenient mileage equivalent calculator and estimate how far you walked.


6. Do we all have to walk at the same time?

Team members do not need to walk together unless they want to do so. Treadmills are okay. Other aerobic activities may be converted to miles using our convenient mileage equivalent calculator.


7. What if we want to change a few of the rules?

Changing or adding your own special touches are okay.


Just do the same for everyone in your group, and let all know about the changes before you start.


8. How can we see our team's progress?

Members pool their mileage each week to help their team move across either a paper road map or the on-line map on our website. If a paper map is used, generally, no more than the top 10 teams can be shown each week.


9. Who's in charge around here? Who runs this program?

Walk Across Texas! is an educational program of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.


Leadership for this program is provided by Dr. Carol Rice, Extension Health Specialist, and Mrs. Alice Kirk, Child Health Specialist - Family Development and Resource Management.


For more information, please contact us.


Click here to download the Walk Across Texas! Impact Brief (pdf)


10. Can you tell me how Walk Across Texas! works for a company or work site?

Someone in your organization will be appointed as the Site Manager for Walk Across Texas. The Site Manager will find Team Captains. The Team Captains then recruit seven people for their team.


Once teams of eight are formed, a "Kick-Off" event marks the beginning of the program. People walk together or individually, outside or at a mall or gym, on a treadmill - any way that fits their lifestyle. Teams compete for eight weeks to see which one walks the 830 miles across the state first and/or which one walks the greatest amount of miles.


Team Captains report their team members' mileage each week, and it is posted on an on-line map or on a Texas road map somewhere in your organization. Some groups sponsor an activity after four weeks to keep everyone motivated. Everyone is recognized for their accomplishments at the "Recognition" activity at the end of the eight weeks.


Click here to find out more.


Need Help? Click here to find your county agent and they will help you get started.


11. I am a teacher, can you tell me how your program will work for schools?

Increase children’s physical activity level with Walk Across Texas in schools. Your class can walk across Texas together—on a map or here on our website. This is a great way to help children get excited about being more active.


Click here to find out more.


Need Help? Click here to find your county agent and they will help you get started.

12. I want to walk by myself. Is that OK?

Yes, you can walk by yourself, but we highly encourage you to be a part of a team.


Results have shown that participants that are a part of a team are more likely to form a regular habit of exercise.


Team members help to motivate and encourage you to Walk Across Texas!


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Technical Questions
about the user account (Sign In) website

1. I have forgotten my password used to sign in.

Please use our password recovery tool.

Enter the email address and zip code you used during registration.


2. I haven't gotten my email confirmation. What should I do?

After completing the initial registration form, our system will send you an automated email message that contains a confirmation link.


The subject of the email message will say, "Walk Across Texas Account Activation."


This e-mail might take up 30 minutes to arrive depending on network traffic, your Internet service provider and email host.


Please also check your spam or junk mail folders for the confirmation email.


This is protect against misuse of Walk Across Texas accounts and to verify that your email address is real and actually exists.


3. What's a WAT Group Code?

WAT Group Codes allow us to identify and organize different types of groups by county.


The codes also allow us to generate specific reports for different types of groups as needed.


For example, a site manager of a hospital will be able to see all mileage for all teams assigned the " HD3 " WAT! Code in their hospital.


Finally, the WAT! Group codes will allow us to set up and add in different types of pre-registration, survey and follow up questions for groups as needed.


4. What if I don't have a WAT Group Code?

WAT Group codes should have been assigned during your orientation.


Please check with your site manager or county agent to find out if your county, organization, school or company has a WAT Group Code.


WAT Group codes ARE NOT required to complete registration.


5. How do I change my start date?

At this time, you will not be able to change your start date from within your Walk Across Texas user account.


In the near future, we will add this capability inside your account, under the My Account tab.



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