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Spend Smart, Eat Smart

May 21, 2015

Source: Iowa State University Extension

Need another source for healthy recipes on a budget? Check out Spend Smart, Eat Smart recipes.

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Source: Harvard University

You needn’t spend a cent on fancy equipment to get a good workout. A standing core workout and floor core workout rely on body weight alone. With the help of some simple equipment, you can diversify and ramp up your workouts.

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Source: Arthritis Foundation

The connection between exercise and body is about more than physical appearance, and walking improves more than just muscle tone. Take a look at the whole-body benefits of walking.

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Source: American College of Sports Medicine

Sitting is a common human behavior and has been increasingly associated with chronic diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. However, is there a cause/effect relationship between increased sitting and risk factors for chronic diseases? This study suggests that prolonged sitting for three hours impairs leg blood flow and vascular function, which is a marker of cardiovascular disease; in fact, the impairment of vascular function is significant after just one hour of sitting. The study also finds that five minutes of light walking every hour is an effective countermeasure against this impairment. However, more research needs to be done on the mechanisms by which sitting impairs vascular function, specifically blood biomarkers and the effects of chronic prolonged sitting on population at risk of chronic diseases.

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