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Source: University of California, Berkeley

With a few exceptions, melons don’t sweeten once cut from the vine, though they may get softer and juicier. How to judge ripeness depends on the melon, but in general it should have a fruity sweet aroma and be a little (not too) soft at the blossom end (opposite the stem end).

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Source: University of California, Berkeley

If you’re struggling to eat better and maintain a healthy weight, your kitchen may be sabo­­­taging your efforts. Researchers have studied the “food environment” for years, looking at such factors as how advertising, packaging and distraction make people eat more. More recently, they’ve turned their attention to the impact of architectural design on eating be­havior and how kitchens and other rooms can be laid out to be conducive to healthy eating.

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Sushi Safety FAQ

July 21, 2014

Source: University of California, Berkeley

Traditional Japanese sushi is made with vinegared rice and includes nigiri (raw fish atop rice) and maki (fish and/or vegetables rolled in rice and seaweed). Sashimi is sliced raw fish served on its own. Eating raw animal foods of any kind, including fish, is risky, of course. Here’s what you need to know.

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Grilled Beef Fajitas

July 17, 2014

Source: Cleveland Clinic

This needs very little intro: it’s a family favorite for my meat and potato loving husband and son…

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