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Source: Mayo Clinic

Create a healthy Thanksgiving Day menu with these Thanksgiving recipes.

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for family, friends, good health and great food. This year, instead of serving the old standbys — turkey smothered in gravy, candied yams, buttered corn and pumpkin pie — try healthier recipes.

The following healthy Thanksgiving recipes have all of the taste, but less fat, calories and sodium. So serve up a fresh approach to healthy eating this Thanksgiving.

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Source: Mayo Clinic

You’ve worked hard to improve your diet and exercise habits, and you’ve been rewarded by seeing the number on the scale continue to drop. But then for no reason you can identify, the scale doesn’t budge — even though you’re still eating a healthy, low-calorie diet and exercising regularly. You’ve hit a weight-loss plateau.

Before you get too discouraged, you should know that it’s normal for weight loss to slow and even stall. By understanding what causes a weight-loss plateau, you can decide how to respond and avoid backsliding on your healthy-eating and exercise habits.

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Source: University of Waterloo, U.S. National Library of Medicine

Can’t resist that fat-filled goodie? You can blame it on a brain lapse.

Giving in to cravings for high-calorie junk food is associated with a lapse in the part of the brain involved in self-restraint, Canadian researchers report in a new study.

The dorsolateral prefrontal cortex helps people control their own behavior, according to the study. Previous studies have shown that increasing activity in this part of the brain can cut cravings for unhealthy foods, but the new research found that reduced activity has the opposite effect and can lead to overindulgence in junk food. “…if you want to improve your self-control when it comes to snacking, structuring your environment to avoid temptations is crucial; but beyond this, the key is to keep your brain in shape, so that you are up to the task when you encounter temptations…”

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Exercise and Brain Power

November 6, 2014

Source: U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health

Good grades, good behavior, if these are two goals you’ve set for your kids, then it may be time to get physical, as in physical fitness.

A new study in the journal Pediatrics finds that exercise boosts brainpower and attention span….

The results? The key implication according to the study authors is that participating in a daily, after school physical activity program enhances executive control.

Executive control consists of skills including:

being able to resist distractions,
the ability to develop habits to maintain focus,
working memory,
and cognitive flexibility.

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