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Why Join My Go4Life?

August 27, 2015

Source: National Institute on Aging

Let these online tools inspire you to

  • Set fitness goals.
  • Track your progress.
  • Get coaching tips.
  • Celebrate your success.
  • It’s free!

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Source: United States Department of Agriculture

Snacks can help children get the nutrients needed to grow and maintain a healthy weight.

Prepare single-serving snacks for younger children to help them get just enough to satisfy their hunger.

Let older kids make their own snacks by keeping healthy foods in the kitchen.

Visit ChooseMyPlate.gov to help you and your kids select a satisfying snack.

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Source: American Heart Association

Confused when choosing shoes? Find the right ones in your budget with these tips.

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Source: University of California, Berkeley

About two-thirds of American adults take at least one dietary supple­ment, most often multivitamin/mineral pills. And yet, of all the decisions and purchases we make pertaining to our health, selecting supplements puts us on less secure ground than nearly anything else.

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